Bad credit. No credit. No problem.
Our goal is 100% approval.
12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on most vehicles.
2400 South Lincoln Jerome, ID 83338
(208) 324-1457

Why would anybody want to buy from our dealership?


In addition to the warranty for used vehicles that we stand behind, the fact that we work with our customers to get them into good, reliable cars that will last and that we help them get back on their feet with improving their credit, there’s one more major reason people love to buy their vehicle from our dealership: we’re family-owned and family operated; I grew up in Jerome, been in business 22 years, and stand with our community. We’re very community involved.

And it’s a fun environment to be in. Our employees are some of the best people around.

We hire on personality more than anything else. We train very hard on making the job fun, making buying a vehicle the best experience for our customers.

We do things a little different. We have loud music all over the place. We keep it loud and fun and we have popcorn and pop free for the customers. We just don’t allow anybody to be grumpy and negative around here.

We make sure our vehicles are in great running condition and stay that way
On every vehicle that comes in to sell, we do a 65, 70-point inspection through our shop. We do a lot of work on them before they go out.

Before they go on the lot, a team manager will drive the car home in the evening. Every night, they take a different car. That puts a really good test drive on it; they make certain that everything was fixed and that lights don’t come back on, nothing vibrates,  to make sure everything did get fixed, no lights come back on, no vibrations, nothing weird happens.

Some vehicles don’t sell as quickly; to avoid “lot rot,” a designated employee drives them around. When cars just sit, things start to go wrong. The drive is to make sure that nothing is changing in the vehicle.  

If something has changed, we send it back to our shop to be fixed, and then we back it up with our 12 months/12,000-mile warranty.

We love our communities
We also host a big anniversary sale every year. For three days we have food, bounce houses, music, those types of things. In August we do a back-to-school backpack giveaway. We get a list of supplies from the schools. Fill 200 backpacks with all the supplies a child will need for the year, and open our doors at 9 am. We give them away on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the kids have to be there with the parents.

Last year I think it took about fifteen minutes before they were gone. There was a line across the parking lot when we showed up in the morning. We actually increased to 250 the following year.