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Is there a Best Time to Buy a Vehicle

Because Country Auto in Jerome and Twin Falls is a buy-here pay-here dealership, there really isn’t a best time to buy a car like there are with newer car dealerships who want to move inventory to make room for the newest models.

We don't follow the trends that some of the new car stores do with the retail stores like a back-to-school rush and tax time and things like that. We don’t really fit into those categories. We stay pretty steady throughout the year, except for when people get their taxes back and we have a big increase in sales; but we’re ready for that and we stock up inventory for it. Customers have more choices to choose from just because we stock up so heavy for it.

In January, all the other dealers start buying at auctions for tax time. So January, February, and March is really tough to buy cars for our industry. But I've known that, and luckily we've been around long enough, so we're able to start buying really heavy in October.

In fact, I've already started this year in September. So I will buy heavy in October, November and December to beat the rush in January when everyone else is out looking for vehicles. So I don't have to fight them for the same cars, and I can offer our customers the best of the bunch. And I also get them before the prices shoot up.

Not many other used vehicle dealerships offer a warranty on pre-owned vehicles. But we do! We offer a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty on vehicles priced $5,000 or higher that are purchased with our in-house financing program. Towing and roadside assistance for one year is included.

In addition, our Vehicle Protection Plus Plan covers the engine, transmission, starter, alternator, and water pump on any vehicle.