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How Can I get a Car Loan


Country Auto in Jerome and Twin Falls have an in-house scoring system that's our own; it has 13 questions on it so that we can get an answer for a credit score. But that’s just a very small portion of all the factors we use to determine how to finance someone for a vehicle.

Depending on the score at the bottom, we pretty much approve everybody, but the lower the score, the lower the dollar amount to qualify for on the car. We have all price ranges of cars in our inventory from pretty inexpensive to $10,000 to $15,000. And we have over 100 cars to choose from on our lots.

We help people with no credit, bad credit -- any credit situation there is. We typically see people with subprime credit scores of 580 or less. Our in-house financing gives customers a lot more personal service because we're able to work with them. We tell people to come in with a pay stub and proof of six-month residency within 100-mile radius of Jerome or Twin Falls.

Working with customers and providing in-house financing is also one way we work to avoid repossessions. From the start we look at how much their budget can handle, when their pay dates are; we schedule their payments around pay days so they match up and customers don't get behind. 

We're also able to work with customers who’ve changed jobs and we adjust those payment days so they can stick to their payments.

Country Auto offers a lot more personal, hands-on work with our in-house financing instead of dealing with an outside car loan from a big company. We work with our customers’ budgets and tell our customers how much their payment is. And when it's due, we work around that -- we work around any credit situation.