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Best Ways to Shorten the Car Buying Process

Nobody likes spending their entire day buying a car. At Country Auto, we have options to make the process go faster.

The first thing someone can do is start the process online. Either jump on our website and do an application or visit this really cool thing we just started where anyone can text APPCA to 31996 and get a text sent to them on their phone that makes the process super-quick.

The cool thing about our new text application is that while it's on your phone, it’s quick and easy. Most of us do enough on our phone, we pre-fill a lot of things, our name, our address, stuff we’ve already typed in before. So our text form it makes it quick and easy to fill out on the phone.

If people do that before they come in, we can have a lot of the process done before they even get here, which makes everything faster.

Another thing that helps the process go faster is when people are honest up front. Just tell us what you're dealing with, how much down payment you have, where you need your payments to be, and what your credit situation is like. That takes a lot of the time out of the process so we don’t have to be investigators and try to figure that out.

Once we have their application, know their down payment and what they can afford, we do a budget worksheet with them. We make sure to sell them a car that the payment is going to fit their budget. So once we have that, we try to pick a handful of vehicles from our inventory that we think will work best for them and show them those. Otherwise, it's human nature to look at the nicest shiniest one on the lot, which won't always fit the budget. So that saves a lot of that time.

And that seems to work pretty well, getting them in and out pretty quick.